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3 Absolute Musts to be Successful at Goal-Setting

“New Year, new me” We’ve all said it at least once in our lifetime. But how many of you find yourself setting the same goals, over and over again? Pia Silva has some “absolute musts” for setting new, achievable goals in 2019.

Be your own therapist and shrink yourself: ask yourself, why is this goal important to you and what do you want to feel when you achieve it? The more emotionally invested you are in the goal, the easier it will be to execute.

The big picture, middle picture and small picture: At College Pro, we know the importance of setting micro goals. Pia explains that setting these micro goals will help you accomplish the bigger picture and make it seem less daunting.

Plan like a quitter: No one likes to be classified as a quitter but when it comes to setting goals, do not waste your time planning ones that you will not follow through with.


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