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About Us - Jul 30, 2017

Jeremy Frye: 3D Motion Designer 🎓

Jeremy Frye is a successful animator and graphic designer with a longstanding passion for art. His work has earned him an Emmy for graphic arts and animation in 2012, and he keeps busy working for numerous companies providing them with amazing animated video content. Jeremy has taken up permanent residency in the artistic world, though he credits his success to the business knowledge he gained during his time with College Pro.

Education: St. Cloud State University, B.A., Graphic Design
Rookie Year: 2001(Turf: Minneapolis, MN)

College Pro Journey

It was an exciting day when Jeremy opened the paper and found the posting for College Pro. He had painted apartments in high school, so he knew what the painting gig was all about. Jeremy worked as a painter for his first summer in Minneapolis. He loved the craft of painting, and was interested when he saw the autonomy that the franchisee had with CP.

Becoming a Franchisee: After his general manager’s presentation about what being a franchisee was all about, Jeremy was hooked. He ran his franchise for 3 summers and exceeded all expectations with his franchise.

When Jeremy was finishing school, it was difficult to find an entry level job as a graphic designer. He decided to give it a try to act as a general manager with College Pro. He did well enough, and met the goals set out for him. But during his time there, he realized he was spending most of his time designing cool shirts and websites for his franchisees. He was drawn towards creative side, and less interested in the business aspects of the role.

Lessons From CP

Overall, Jeremy considers his time as GM a great chance to develop. He was able to assess his passions, talents, and interests and was inspired to follow his artistic dreams in a graphic design field.

Where Is He Now?

Jeremy keeps busy working for amazing companies creative animated video content. The best way to understand what he does is by watching his reel.

The Career Path

After College Pro, Jeremy took a job with the United Center doing work for the Chicago Blackhawks as a graphic designer and doing freelance work: “Being a freelancer and being a General Manager aren’t all that different. There really is no better way to organize your thoughts than running your own business, and I had to do that just as much as a freelancer.”

Eventually, he found himself in a role with Unique Stream Media. He was able to take on as much work as he wanted, and run a one-man operation. He was in charge of talking to clients, making their copy, getting the assets, creating the design, animating it, and presenting it. The role drew on his artistic skills and College Pro background. CP gave him experience cold calling, and following up on a lot of leads which were important in this job.

Jeremy had great success in the role, so much so that he outgrew the company. As a designer, your work is often summed up into a reel, like the one mentioned above. For Jeremy, he decided it was time to add more. He went to an interactive company called design kitchen. Next he began work as a motionographer at the Chicago Tribune newspaper, then a move to St. Louis.

Jeremy has created motion graphics with some incredible companies including Cinema 40, Amazon, Deloitte, and Splice back in Minneapolis. He loves his job. His day to day work involves meeting with clients directly to put together awesome projects, while working with a team of talented producers.

College Pro Wisdom

For Jeremy, there was one lesson that stood out to him from his years with College Pro: “GS&Rs are amazing, and I really wish more companies got behind that strategy. People get help when they need it and they get guidance at College Pro, but at a lot of companies it’s sink or swim, which obviously leads to a whole lot of turnover.”

Jeremy still uses a lot of what he learned in his CP career on a daily basis. He has to deal with huge clients, like Burger King, Nike, Motorolla and Microsoft and remain confident in his pitches and the job execution. His experience in business gives him a competitive edge, and higher rewards. Another important lesson is about goal management, priority management and time management skills. Jeremy said these skills were fine-tuned at a young age for him because of his time as a franchisee.

Jeremy said a great takeaway is what he calls the “College Pro Curse”: “The great curse of working at College Pro, is that whenever you go into another business or corporation, you understand how badly they’re often run. Going through College Pro shows you how to run a good business, how to avoid turnover, and how to generate growth, so it’s hard walking into an agency and just noticing all the things that I could be doing to make it better if I was running it and not just their artist – it’s hard for someone else to be the boss now”.

Jeremy’s got a good sense of humour, and laughed at the fact that he seems to see College Pro wherever he goes: "I S&*T YOU NOT, I'm driving down the highway and I just passed a beat up PT cruiser with a College Pro magnet." I guess Jeremy just can't escape CP!

About Jeremy: Fun Facts

Jeremy won an Emmy for Graphic Arts Animation in 2012 for his work on a spot for Knology Cable – check it out.

  • Jeremy is married with 2 kids, a daughter named Gabriella and a daughter named Mira.
  • Jeremy was Dave Rychley's (President, CPP US) roommate way back in the day.


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