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Kimbal Musk: Entrepreneur 🎓

Kimbal Musk is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and environmentalist. His work is in several technology and food companies. But before all that, he was a College Pro entrepreneur.

Education: Queen's University
Rookie Year: 1993 (Turfs: Toronto & Kingston, ON)

Who is Kimbal Musk?

Kimball was born in South Africa, educated in Canada, and is now living in the US. He grew up in a highly ambitious household alongside his entrepreneur brother Elon, producer-director sister Tosca, and his accomplished parents. After finishing high school in Pretoria, South Africa, he enrolled in Commerce at Queen’s University. Following University and College Pro, Kimball and Elon co-founded Zip2 Corporation – an online city guide that provides content for online newspapers. It was sold in 1999 to Compaq for an impressive $307 million. He continued to invest in startup technology companies, including his brother’s venture, PayPal, which was purchased in 2002 for $1.5 billion. Kimbal is a board member of numerous successful companies including SpaceX and Tesla Motors. Kimball has long been interested in space exploration and automobile innovation.

From Elon Musk’s Book: Tesla, SpaceX, and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

Where is he now?

Kimbal’s entrepreneurial spirit has continued to grow and flourish. He founded and owns two companies: The Kitchen, and The Kitchen Community. He is passionate about cuisine and fostering meaningful communities. Kitchen Community provides learning opportunities and encourages healthy living for children. His projects focus on supporting restaurant entrepreneurs to opt out of the industrial food system, and encouraging sustainable and healthy eating. In 2012, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel handed the Kitchen Community $1 million to install 80 gardens in Chicago city schools. These gardens have proven to have had significantly positive impact on the youth that use them.

Kimbal's Impact

Kimbal’s had a tremendous amount of success, and has continually pursued projects to better the world around him. He is an example of pursuing new ventures with ambition, while making the world a better place.

Kimbal's College Pro Journey

"I did College Pro Painters in the summers of '93 and '94. In '93 I worked in an area in Toronto and won rookie manager of the year. In '94 I worked an area in Kingston, Ontario. I chose CP because I had tried a corporate finance job the summer before and I hated it. I wanted to try an entrepreneurial opportunity. So I reached out to College Pro and wound up managing my own team. I learned unbelievable skills, from hiring to firing, to project management, to financing/accounting, learning and dealing with a stress of a small business, to selling and customer management. You learn it all in one summer. My advice would be to just do it. There's no other way to learn those skills quickly and you'll use those skills in any job you take on afterwards."

Things to know about Kimbal:

  • Kimbal attended the French Culinary institute for one year
  • His national identity is as a South African, Canadian and American
  • His specialty in life is 'anything that touches consumers'

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