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Mary Mowbray is a role model for business and feminism, and all the ways the two can be combined. With early entrepreneurial roots as a College Pro franchisee, Mary has established herself as an incredible leader in real estate and business.

Education: Western University, History
Current Home: Toronto, ON

Where has she been?

Mary has over 25 years of commercial real estate brokerage experience focused on retail real estate with extensive market knowledge and a talent for understanding her client’s objectives.

Not sold? Her clients include:
Louis Vuitton
Tiffany & Co
Urban Outfitters
Marble Slab Creamery

…the list goes on.

She has some pretty impressive accomplishments including being the past president of Toronto CREW (Commercial Real Estate Women) and created a mentoring program for young women in Toronto’s commercial real estate industry. She’s now the Senior Vice President at Colliers International, and has several notable achievements. Perhaps the most impressive being the mentoring program for Colliers Toronto offices, which has since been rolled out in all Colliers offices across North America.

Interesting Tidbits

She is past Co-Chair of the Canadian Women’s Foundation

Mary is very enthusiastic about feminism and has also been involved in several other women’s foundations, making a huge and positive impact on the lives of many.


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