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Max Rhodes: Co-Founder & CEO, Faire 🎓

Max, a successful College Pro franchisee on the east coast, Ivy league graduate, and world traveller worked briefly for a consulting firm before joining the tech startup, Square. Today, he's the CEO of Faire, a company that connects retailers with unique merchandise and allows them to keep it in stock, risk free.

Education: Yale University
Rookie Year: 2008 (turf: New Haven, CT)

Max's College Pro Journey

Max was in his third year at Yale when the financial crisis of 2008 reached it’s worst point. Many of his friends had managed to get hired at various investment banking firms or consulting agencies, but jobs were sparse and not everyone had secured a position. Max saw an advertisement for the College Pro Franchise Manager position on the website and decided to go for it. He had some brief entrepreneurial experience in his back pocket – and the gig promised a good chunk of cash if you worked hard.

Max ran a franchise for two summers and saw great success - he even made enough money to travel the world for three months after his second year! In particular, he loved how different and exciting the opportunities at College Pro were. He was offered a job at a top consulting firm upon graduating from Yale. Max was a little surprised he even got the position – they were accepting less than 1% of all applicants, all from Ivey League schools, and his GPA wasn’t as good as it could have been. The guy who hired him told him it was his experience at College Pro that set him apart from everyone else.

“I am just now in my career, like 5 years later, getting to the point were I have the kind of responsibility that I did at College Pro.”

Lessons Learned

One of the biggest skills Max picked up during his time as a franchisee was leadership: “I am just now in my career, like 5 years later, getting to the point were I have the kind of responsibility that I did at College Pro.” He gained a lot of confidence working with and managing people, but most importantly, he learned the fundamentals of business. By running his own painting business he lived the abstract concepts of business that he once learned about in the classroom. Now, he thanks College Pro for teaching him the realistic and day-to-day realities of finance and accounting . Specifically, dealing with the money. “College Pro was definitely the building block for my business career…it was way more than I ever got in a classroom or office job.”

"It was way more than I ever got in a classroom or office job.”

Where Is Max Today?

As he said, he got hired at a consulting firm, Bain & Company, right after graduating from university. After a little over a year there, he moved on to the startup Square. You’ve probably seen square at the local farmer’s market or antique show – it’s a way to make payments and swipe your credit card simply by attaching their product to your phone. He was at Square for four years, in various roles, including Business Analyst, Product Manager, and Director of Consumer Product for their food delivery business, Caviar.

In 2016, Max co-founded Faire (formerly called Indigo Fair), a company " on a mission to revolutionize the way retailers shop for their stores." Faire finds unique items from various makers and catalogs them in one place - retailers can purchase them for their stores and return whatever merchandise doesn't get sold. It's the "first wholesale marketplace to offer free returns." Earlier this year, the company announced it has raised over $12 million in financing.

Read Max's Medium post on how Faire is revolutionizing the traditional landscape of wholesale purchasing to help save buyers time and money:

About Max: Fun Facts

  • He loves to play and watch soccer.
  • He is a talented piano player.

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