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About Us - Nov 14, 2018

Paul Hayman: Founder & President, Fivewalls 🎓

Paul is a huge believer in the College Pro experience - for the individual that is strong enough. Because you have to be strong. He stands by the program and believes that it is an excellent transitional experience to prepare young adults for the real working world.

Paul is the living example that College Pro is more than just running a business; it’s discovering who you are.

Education: Ivey School of Business
Rookie Year: 1980 (turf: Belleville, ON)

Paul's College Pro Journey

Paul has had immense involvement with College Pro and our sister companies. Here's a timeline of his work:

1979 – Signed on as a painting franchisee in Belleville, ON. The business operated in 1980 and 1981.

1985 – After getting his CA with Price Waterhouse, he came back as a VP of College Pro for Interior East (Toronto to Newfoundland).

1989 – Became the VP for Canada East.

1992 – Opened College Pro Painters Quebec.

1993 – Climbed the ladder to become President of College Pro Painting Canada - and the President of CertaPro and TLS at the same time.

1998 – Became the Director at The Franchise Company, later working as CEO of Pillar to Post, taking on the responsibility for the California Closets Franchise Program. He also became the director of the leadership development program with several companies reporting into him.

2010 – Took on the contractor networks of The Franchise Company as President.

2010 – Founded and became President of Tenant Access.

2012 – Time with The Franchise Company and First Service Brands ends.

What's Paul Up To Now?

Paul is the Founder and President of Fivewalls, a real estate startup, which launched in early September, 2015: “Just like I did with The Franchise Company, I try to continually work to build a profitable company that’s sustainable, and has meaning to society.”

His Favourite College Pro Memory (there are so many to choose from…)

“When I was a College Pro rookie, I had just come back from my honeymoon in May, and hadn’t booked any work. I had one painter, and my wife and I both had to support ourselves through school at Western. I felt pretty sorry for myself, and had no idea what we were going to do. I came to the realization that the only thing I could do was get off my ass. I just started to knock on doors; long story short, I ended up at the biggest house in Belleville. A little old lady came out and said she didn’t think she had any painting, but offered me some tea instead. She gave me a $50 paint job to fix the bottom of her big house pillars, and I went home. What I didn’t realize though, was her son was the editor of the local newspaper, and College Pro ended up on the front page 5 times that summer…that’s what turned it all around.”

College Pro Skills: Paul says that above skills, he learned emotional intelligence in his time with College Pro. He developed a commitment to self-accountability and self-responsibility, both of which he says are crucial to being successful.

His Expert Advice To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Paul believes people think too much about their short-term goals (like numbers to hit for a summer franchise or number of leads to secure each week) or long-term goals (like how much to sell a company for). Instead, he says people should focus on their medium goals: “You have to think about where you want to be in 5 years, not just by the end of the summer or in 10 years. You have to get to know who you are, because that will dictate the people you surround yourself with.”

“Entrepreneurship means to me having the guts to do something that you believe in."

Thoughts On Entrepreneurship

Between his time with College Pro, The Franchise Company, and being the Entrepreneur in Residence at the Richard Ivey School of Business, Paul knows a thing or two about this space. He says: “Entrepreneurship means to me having the guts to do something that you believe in. You have to have creativity, but you also have to have execution, and you have to have internal strength. As an entrepreneur, there’s a certain fear that it may not work, so you have to have the strength to work through it”.

About Paul: Fun Facts

  • Paul lives in the woods, surrounded by incredible maple trees.
  • Personal Quote - “If you don’t shake the apple tree, the apple won’t fall – but if you do shake the apple tree, look in the other orchard, because sometimes that’s where it will fall.”
  • When he isn’t working he golfs, plays hockey, goes to his cottage, plays badminton on his front lawn, or goes to local festivals…and sometimes just has a day to do nothing! “It’s about just straight up having fun with my family.”

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