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Pro Athletes Use This Simple 4-Word Mind Trick to Ease Their Nerves Just Before Big Events

You can practice in a mirror, you can picture your audience in their underwear but does it really help calm your nerves before a big presentation? Doing estimates, conducting or partaking in interviews or even a simple phone call are all things in our lives that can cause some uneasiness. Over the years, as you gain experience speaking professionally during presentations or directly to your team or customers, it gets more natural. But what about right now? Is there something you can do to make these things less stressful?

A simple trick used by pro athletes, changing your mindset is all it takes. Changing your inner narrative from negative to positive makes a huge difference before you're about to speak or perform. Instead of focusing on how nervous you are, think about how excited you can be to show off your skills or talents, or to teach something new. Check out the article and try the tip next time you are nervous, could be the difference of being memorable or forgettable.


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