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Stephen Robinson: 52Skillz 🎓

Stephen Robinson is a young College Pro alumni. Since leaving CP, he has done incredible things. His hit YouTube channel 52Skillz has won awards and funding to grow the series. He lives his life to fullest and is always pushing towards a new goal.

Stephen’s mantra, according to his website.

"We spend our lives in a constant state of "maintenance", working a job in order to buy things that maintain or elevate our comfort level. But one day we wake up, 80 years old with the realization that we've spent the majority of our lives…MAINTAINING instead of LIVING.

Routine is the Enemy.

A few years ago I felt myself falling into that routine. I was new to University, working a job I didn’t want to work and was putting all this time and money towards building a path people older than me were telling me to take.

So I decided to change that."

Education: University of Alberta
Rookie Year: 2013 (Turf: Edmonton, AB)

Stephen's College Pro Story

Stephen had long been interested in entrepreneurship, always coming up with ideas and plans as a young kid. He said he never really had the guts to go for it, until College Pro. He worked up the courage after one of his friends had a successful run at College Pro. His first year was challenging and inspiring. His second year went even better. And from there he decided he was ready to go off on his own and run with his new plan: “College Pro was foundation building in developing my personal sense of ambition and developing the confidence to believe I can go out there and start something. I don’t think I would have had the confidence if it weren’t for College Pro.”

Watch Stephen's Diamond Award Speech + How To Peel A Banana

52skillz Inspiration

Stephen has always had skills that he’s wanted to try, but never had anything that held him accountable to actually get out there and do it. This inspired 52skillz, the YouTube channel where Stephen goes out and learns something new every week. Stephen said he drew inspiration for the weekly skill building plan from the weekly Goal Setting and Review program at College Pro.

The Videos

Stephen’s videos took off. He shared with the world how to hotwire a car, barrel roll in an airplane, and even complete a rubix cube puzzle while skydiving (Check out the incredible videos here). From the experience, he learned the power of storytelling and fell love with creating the videos. “I learned that everything is about telling a story, so each of my videos became part of my story.”

Finding the Passion

Stephen believes he’s had success with his videos because of the passion that went into the project. He describes the balance of action vs. passion in a Ted Talk he did (find that here) and his CBC segment.

What's Next for Stephen

Since winning two awards through Storyhive, Stephen’s been given grants to continue on with his video content. He’s making a living off the videos he’s making, and he’s gearing up to complete another full season of 52skillz videos.

The Entrepreneur Life

While different from the College Pro experience, Stephen has definitely found his calling in running his own business. He said he can’t imagine a life where he wasn’t his own boss: "Sometimes being an entrepreneur is really hard, it’s lonely. You question whether or not it’s worth it to put yourself through all of this. But then I imagined working for someone else, it would be way more painful working for someone who wasn’t helping me grow. You’ve got to keep yourself in the perspective of understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing."

About Stephen: Fun Facts

  • His final skill video of the year has been viewed over 20,000 times.
  • His Youtube channel has over 38,000 subscribers.

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