What does College Pro do?

College Pro offers the chance to control your own destiny.

I run my own business. I get to pick my own schedule, make my own hours, work when I want to, and I’m successful.

Roger Garrett


Photo of Kimbal Musk

My advice is ‘just do it.’ There’s no other way to learn [entrepreneurial] skills that quickly and you’ll use those skills in any job/ business you take on afterwards.

College Pro leads to incredible entrepreneurial heights – just ask Kimbal Musk, enormously successful venture capitalist, food entrepreneur, and College Pro alumnus.

Kimbal Musk

Food Entrepreneur
Rookie Year: 1993
Turf: Toronto & Kingston, ON
Current Home: Denver, CO

College Pro unleashes hidden potential.

If you bite your lip, bear the pain, and allow this process to happen long enough, College Pro will sculpt you into a living, breathing symbol of what was within you all along.

Benji Carlson


College Pro delivers a tested and proven program, with insight from alumni including Charlie Chase, CEO of FirstService Brands.

Charlie Chase

Franchising Guru
Rookie Year: 1983
Turf: Philadelphia, PA
Current Home: Philadelphia, PA

Photo of Charlie Chase

Follow the program. It works.

College Pro changes lives.

College Pro has been very life transforming for me. I’ve become a better person, a better man. I’ve transferred my dreams into reality, and I’ve met amazing people.

David Owasi


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